About Us

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We are uninspired by many facets of conventional modern existence, so we try to put our energy into rediscovering simpler ways of living, also known as making things harder for ourselves. For instance, we live without refrigeration–Kasy removed the boat’s icebox to create more storage space. We’ve been slowly building up our knowledge of making cheap delicious meals from scratch, going so far as to buy a pressure cooker! We hope to develop a collection of recipes that we can make from fresh ingredients as well as dry ones that we always keep on board. We also like alternative forms of transportation; our bikes are our pickup trucks and our most prized possessions (other than Stout). We rent a small workspace in the city where we do everything from patching our bicycle panniers to building a wooden deck box for the boat; our small incomes, combined with our independent natures, causes us to make, repair or alter as many of our possessions as we can. Our goal is to travel widely and live fully while using as little as possible, and our choice to travel on a 22-foot boat will put all of that to the test. We are writing this blog to share the things that we learn, to document our adventures, and to connect with a broader community of like-minded people.

About Emma:

Emma is going to write about herself in the third person. Emma grew up around Philadelphia and then went to NYU, where she studied environmental studies, Latin American studies, and art.  She moved to Philly after doing her first long bicycle tour in summer 2013 from Denver to Philly, mostly alone and completely self-supported. She has always done artwork and made crafty things, but she has been trying to learn how to build functional things out of metal and wood for the past couple of years. She sometimes makes things for the boat. She does not know how to sail, but she likes water, and Kasy is going to show her what the nautical life is all about. She loves to travel, especially in South and Central America. She is unsure how comfortable she is with the concept of a “career”, but has lots of varied interests and tries to pursue them all as much as she can.

About Kasy:

So I’m Kasy. I’ve just one other boat, a Westsail 28, that I lived on and spent 6 years fixing up and sailed 1 year though the Puget Sound and Gulf Islands and down to Morro Bay, CA where I ended up selling her. I love travelling especially unsupported in/on simple machines and I like small functional spaces. And travelling in your house is pretty sweet. I haven’t had a career really. I’ve done lots of jobs, the ones I liked the most were in a boatyard and in a bicycle frame building shop. I’m pretty good at organizing spaces and on Stout I get to pull out the stops, it’s been a fun challenge.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. nico says:

    Hey Guys! I found your blog from a post on the Cruising Forum (there is such a website out there). It looks pretty frosty out there for you right now so I clearly can see how you resolved to do away with that refrig unit … (just joking – only landish moronish think one can’t do without a fridge!). So I hope the frost is just outside and you are warm and cozy inside! All the best in your undertaking! Keep on posting …

  2. Gil says:

    Checking in today we see that not only have you made an offshore jaunt but are now in Florida.
    Good for you both…those training wheels are starting to come off. We were in tears laughing at Emma’s comment about it being hard to anchor because the pelican ” was staring into my soul”
    We laughed so hard because it is a beautiful way to feel and we could relate to the problem that kind of emotion can present.
    Good sailing to both of you….keep in touch.
    Gil & Laura

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