About Stout

Stout on the hard when I first went to look at her.

Stout on the hard when I first went to look at her.


Stout is a Falmouth Cutter 22, the baby sister to the Bristol Channel Cutter. She was built in 1983. Originally she was built without an engine, and sometime around 2006 a Yanmar was installed. I bought her in 2012 after selling my house and we have been enhancing her to be a comfortable home as well as a seaworthy one. She is small enough to be handled by one person and being so small is cheaper to maintain.




6 Responses to About Stout

  1. nico says:

    Cool boat! Came across them on boat porn sites and can see myself in one if I were to go world sailing in anything smaller than what we already have. I hope you two will have plenty of joy sailing her places!

  2. Chase Benfield says:

    I seen stout in December anchored on Taylor Creek. I made my dad drive me over to your boat so I could take pictures and I actually took a video to.

    • Woah cool! Where exactly is Taylor creek? We’re trying to remember….

      • Chase Benfield says:

        It’s just down from Oriental NC, really close to Fort Macon. I love your boat, those stern port windows are a cool touch. I have a Flicka, wonderful little boat but I’ve been searching for a Falmouth. I went and seen one down in Florida that needs a lot of work but can’t seem to talk the seller into letting her go.

  3. Nullary says:

    I was the second owner of Stout. At the time she was named Angelsea. I purchased her in ’85. I took the engine out and fiberglassed up the aperature. Made her very fast in light air and gave me more storage. She is so easy to manage it was not a problem. I traded the new Yanmar for a triradial drifter. So I had both a drifter and an asymmetrical spinnaker for her. In ’89 I completely rebuilt the interior. The original owner had finished it and was not very good.
    Then sailed her on a cruise down the the Sea of Cortez. Afterwards put her on a truck to Florida, then sailed her offshore to the Virgin Islands on a 21 day passage. Had to beat the entire distance, 2100 miles. So I averaged 100 miles a day. After owner her for 16 years that was her average, 100 miles a day. Finally I sold her in 2000 and sailed her with the new owner to NY via Bermuda. It was a great trip! Even though I now have a BCC I sure do miss her. You can see more at https://Gary Felton.com/shanti

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