Always look on the bright side

After meandering south to St. Michaels over a week ago, we are now back up north, at the end of the Chester River in Chestertown. This weekend there is a big festival involving lots of tall ships, and better yet we have friends and family coming down to visit us!

This won’t be too great of a post and here’s why. After St. Michael’s we headed to Annapolis, where our goal was to get our motor-driven electricity generation system figured out. I refuse to go into details about this, because I don’t really understand engine alternators and regulators, and I think the experience may have scarred us for life. We anchored in Weems Creek, in West Annapolis, which the guidebooks say is a “well-kept secret” and a “gem”. Well it is, if what you’re looking for is to spend money on art to hang on your limited wall space. But it’s not a gem if you’re trying to repair an alternator or do laundry or buy groceries or get water and you have no bike, no car and no money to rent any of these things.

Anyway, West Annapolis really punctured our spirits in a way. We ended up walking everywhere, averaging about 6 miles per day, back and forth to the alternator guy, to the discount marine store, to the laundromat… all  of which were 3 miles from the anchorage. It might have been more enjoyable if sidewalks were a thing in West Annapolis, but unfortunately they’re not. Pedestrians and cyclists wouldn’t stand a chance here.

Even so, the experience did make it quite clear that bikes would dramatically improve our experience of this trip. So… we went ahead and ordered two used red vintage Dahon folding bikes from Ebay, which we shipped to my family who is visiting us this weekend. We have no idea if they’ll fit anywhere, so this may be short-lived. We will surely blog about it. We don’t make large purchases like this often.

However, we did go to downtown Annapolis one day which was lovely, and looked like this.


View from Annapolis city dock




Colorful buildings

And as we were FINALLY leaving Annapolis, after 5 days of farting around with the engine, to head for the Chester River, the tall ship Sultana passed us!


What is coming at us right now?!


What cruising in the Chesapeake may have looked like circa 1700


The Sultana! (they didn’t wave at us, though.)


Leaving Annapolis we also accidentally sailed through a sailboat race.. it was just a little stressful.

So we will not be returning to Annapolis anytime soon, despite the fact that it’s the “sailing capital of the world.”

Looking on the bright side though, somewhere along the way we successfully made bread in the pressure cooker. Which was awesome. It looks wierd because it doesn’t develop a crust like normal bread does, but I promise it tasted like real bread!


To make pressure cooker bread, just use any basic bread recipe, let it rise like normal but cook it for half the cooking time (about 20 minutes.) Make sure you place the bread in a heatproof container and add enough water to the bottom of the cooker. When that time is up, tilt the pressure weight to release all the pressure from the cooker- this is what lets the bread get puffy. Then let it sit for 5-10 minutes after lid is off.

Now it’s time for the ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! Because a few days ago it was our 1-month anniversary of leaving Philly on September 24th. It feels like years since we’ve left. We recovered a bunch of pictures from the first week of the trip and will share them with you now…


Ready to go, still at Pier 3.


Our friend Liz, who took the pictures of us leaving and is coming to visit us tomorrow!


View of Philly


Awkward selfie


Ben Franklin bridge in background


Sunset over New Castle, Delaware


Classic boat shot


Me writing a postcard on our third day of voyaging. Who says you have to wait to write postcards?


What most of the C&D Canal looks like ( a little boring)


On a fence in Chesapeake City.

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7 Responses to Always look on the bright side

  1. Al n Pattie says:

    Awsome thanks for sharing Kasy n Emma,,;,

  2. Stormy says:

    My Brampton fits perfectly where my engine is supposed to be and there is plenty of space for a second in the aft lazarette. If only I had the need for a second one, I will have to work on that.

  3. Russ Shurtz says:

    Great purchase and nothing fits onboard until you make it fit, which you will. Enjoy the new found mobility 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    The bikes will make life easier and open up so much territory for exploration – excellent move! Chances are, it won’t take long for you two to sew-up custom canvas storage bags and find a good stowage space either. Have fun with friends and family this weekend, and good luck with the alternator!

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