The Transformation

We are dripping sweat into our varnish.  Last week the heat drove me to take a swim in the Delaware River, a decision which I immediately regretted. But now that I am thoroughly rinsed off, I’m glad to report that the transformation of our humble vessel is nearing completion.

I will start with some important announcements. We’ve found a new use for the tool (beer) holder, and also our plant is getting super large.

IMG_4516 IMG_4521

We have lots of projects to talk about. Again, I won’t go into great detail with words here so as not to overwhelm you, but I will try to make it clear what you are looking at.

Firstly, I just finished making a ladder for climbing onto the boat from the water. At first the rungs were just simple planks threaded onto a rope, but when I tested it out, my toes were squished between the rungs and the boat.
2015-06-24 17.09.14 2015-06-25 17.33.40

So, I attached spacers to each rung, and that created a space for toes to go. I also cut the end of each spacer at an angle, so that the rungs would sit against the curve of the hull.
IMG_4644 2015-07-16 12.45.21
IMG_4645 20150727_134913

Next…the magnificent DECK BOX is finished! You may remember a preview that looked like this:
2015-06-05 18.02.23 2015-06-08 19.37.00

WELL, now it looks like this!
IMG_4547 IMG_4545

Here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure.
2015-07-02 15.54.35 IMG_4543
IMG_4605 IMG_4548
IMG_4544 IMG_4534

To continue the trend of the boat’s exterior, I will introduce the forward hatch cover that Kasy made. It’s got plastic sheeting over the prism to let light in, and snap closures to secure it onto the hinges.
IMG_4597 IMG_4598
IMG_4600 IMG_4599

And now for a laundry list of projects, because it’s raining on the awning I’m under and it’a starting to leak.

I made a new bag for the anchor line….
IMG_4524 IMG_4537

Kasy made the hatch boards all shiny and new looking…
IMG_4565 IMG_4563

I made us some simple messenger bags out of our extra fabric..
20150728_185235 20150728_185334
20150728_185454 20150728_185418
20150728_185526 IMG_4594

And Kasy climbed to the top of the mast!
IMG_4612 IMG_4615 IMG_4618
IMG_4628 IMG_4625

I have to end here because the rain is splattering onto my computer. As has been the trend, I will do this post in two parts, so stay tuned!

What an incredible transformation!!!

What an incredible transformation!!!

I would have to agree with the prince.

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1 Response to The Transformation

  1. Linda Podietz says:

    I should have taken a closer look at those bags you made, Emmy… How did you learn to do that???
    Very cool stuff….

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