Captain Crunch Part III

More projects in the form of a photo essay! Kasy has been working on remaking all of Stout’s sail bags for a few months. We posted about the jib and staysail bags a few posts ago, but those had to be changed because the original closures we used (wooden toggles with loops) were proving ineffective. So they were replaced with zippers. We also put leather on the ends of the bag openings to protect the canvas from rubbing against the rigging.  2015-06-12 12.38.44 IMG_4075 2015-06-12 12.38.39 2015-06-12 12.38.29 Kasy also made this sweet looking mainsail cover. 2015-04-21 20.00.45 2015-04-21 19.45.00  2015-05-07 21.25.31 2015-06-12 12.38.15 2015-06-12 12.38.57 2015-06-12 12.38.24 After the sails were all cozy in their bags, the stern anchor needed a home. We didnt want to let it just hang out in the cockpit, or have it banging around in the lazarette. So Kasy repurposed some bronze fasteners to anchor the anchor (!) on the back of the boat. It’s a little hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see that the bronze pieces secure both the front and the rear of the anchor. 2015-06-04 21.19.11 2015-06-01 20.15.13 2015-06-04 21.18.55 2015-06-12 12.38.082015-06-04 21.19.04 2015-06-12 12.38.02 NEXT, this is just a preview, the project is not yet complete. But the DECK BOX. Last has been working on it since the beginning of the year, then was put on hold, now it’s almost done. This is going to be so beautiful and salty. It will be attached to the deck on the forward side of the cabin, right next to the aluminum propane tank holder Kasy made last year. This is just a picture of the dry fitting without the box’s lid, but it gives an idea of what the final effect will be: 2015-06-08 19.37.13 2015-06-08 19.37.00 Scrolling through the building process below, you’ll see how ridiculously strong this box will be. And how pretty! 2015-06-05 13.16.17 2015-06-05 13.16.12 2015-06-05 18.02.46 2015-06-05 14.24.27 2015-06-06 17.52.39 2015-06-08 19.37.37 Each time another piece was added to the box, the pieces were epoxied together for extra strength. Kasy then added planks on the outside of the box, which made it even stronger and more salty looking. 2015-06-05 16.30.24 2015-06-05 15.52.40 2015-06-05 15.52.49 2015-06-05 17.37.072015-06-05 17.48.29 2015-06-05 18.02.23 Thats all for now, stay tuned for deck box completion, more bags, and maybe one of these days I (Emma) will finish a project.

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  1. Linda Podietz says:

    Wow, zippers? Fancy…. 🙂

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