The Installation Festival of 2015

It’s Friday night. We have a pint of ice cream sitting outside in the cold, because we are celebrating. We came back from our workspace with 3 small projects done and ready to install!

The first project is the coffee grinder. Coffee is important to both of us; for example, it’s 10:34 PM and Kasy is making his 5th thermos full of coffee for the day.  So a few months ago the SPONG No. 2 manual wall-mounted coffee grinder, made of cast iron and probably about 100 years old, came into our lives from Ebay.  Emma took it apart a few months ago, cleaned it out and repainted it. Here is what it looks like:

199 367

We just needed a wooden piece to put between the grinder and the wall, so Kasy made one, and tonight the last layer of varnish on that piece was dry. Here is Emma grinding the first cup of coffee on the mounted grinder.

026 029

Death before decaf.

Second project: The super secret utensil and other secret item drawer (don’t tell anyone!) This project had to do with our desire to cook things from scratch, which inevitably means buying more kitchen supplies, such as a rolling pin and a garlic press. With such a small galley we needed a place to put this stuff that was easily accessible, but also out of the way. Kasy came up with the idea of creating a sliding drawer underneath the kitchen counter, right over top of these jars of dry goods:

039 040

That second picture is what the drawer looks like after it was installed. Let’s bring it back to the beginning, when the drawer was just some scrap plywood:

483 484

And here are more pics to give a better idea of what it all looks like installed in the galley:

010 009012

With all of our kitchen accouterments (said with an exaggerated French accent).

Last project: seat brackets! The last step of the companionway of the boat is a removable plank that sits on brackets mounted to the faces of the settees. Like so:


Sometimes Kasy tries to sit on this step and “work” on the computer, with his legs “akimbo”, squished between the edge of the step and the engine compartment. Why, Kasy?


So we wanted to make another set of brackets that could hold the same plank, thus making it more possible for us to sit and work at the table. I’m sitting on it now!

015 017

Here are some photos of the bracket-forming process.

409 482 058

Now Kasy can sit and work in peace.


Butterfinger ice cream is gone now.

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