We are actually starting this thing.

Kasy here.

We have been talking about a blog for a while. For the longest time it seemed more that it would be a distraction or one more thing to have to get done, but it now seems like  a way to reach other people, share some of the things we are excited about and hopefully hear from people trying to do similar things. As of now we’ll be starting slow as we figure where blogging fits in our schedule. We have Stout, our trusty boat. I live aboard, and when Emma’s lease is up she’ll be on board full time. In preparing for life on a 22-foot boat, we are using the approach we use when bike touring: you can’t possibly carry things for every eventuality, so you have to really prioritize, minimize complexity and bring what makes the most sense. Then we are forced to be creative and use our resources in ways they might not have been intended.

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